One stop shop for all your kid's school activities

Connect with your school community and stay on top of all your kids school activities

Private class groups for discussion

Get updates from your class on daily activities. Connect and discuss with fellow parents in the class and always be in the loop. TopSchool's advanced messaging system allows instant messaging with text, pictures, videos and push notifications.


Connect with other parents in the school community

TopSchool is a secure and private community of parents specific to each school. You can connect wth other parents in the school, share information and discuss topics relevant to parents in the community.


Buy, sell or share lightly used kids' items

Elementary school kids quickly outgrow their clothes, toys, bikes, sports gear and other items. With very easy to use interface. TopSchool app allows you to post your kids' items for sale or for giveaway. It's a great way to share within the community and protect the environment by reusing and recycling kids' items.


Share school photos with fellow parents

TopSchool's albums and photos feature makes it extremely effortless to share photos of class activities and community events. Share photos with the entire school or just with parents in your child's class.


Educational content for kids and parenting articles

Parents receive a daily personalized feed of puzzles, math quizzes, science articles and more for kids. TopSchool team also handpicks parenting resources that are relevant to the school community.


News, events and school calendar

TopSchool app automatically syncs your school's calendar, news and events so that you don't have to go looking for information in multiple places and use multiple tools. Plus, you can set reminders for events, and the app even notifies you about special school timings, etc.