About Us

Connect with your school community and stay on top of all your kids school activities
Our vision is to help every parent help their kids achieve more.
Our Story

Idea for TopSchool was born out of our own need to be more engaged in kids' school activities and finding useful resources for kids. Madhu has 3 kids in elementary school and has been struggling to stay in touch with his kids’ school activities due to work and travel. Dealing with stacks of newsletters and trying to get information from fellow parents during drop offs was not feasible especially with a busy schedule. TopSchool cofounders Lini and Wilker also have kids in elementary school and faced similar challenges.

We realized that a vast amount of resources are hidden within the school community, and is not exposed due lack of tools for sharing. Parents could tap into each other's knowledge, and share/exchange information that could help each other. With our background in technology and firsthand experience as parents, we decided to build a solution that could help us as well as other parents who are in the same boat.

We dedicate TopSchool to all busy and working parents who struggle to give the best education to their kids and help them achieve more.

For the parents, by the parents, of the parents

Meet our team

Madhu is the founder and CEO of TopSchool. He is a proud dad of three girls and a boy. He has more than 20 years of experience in developing and marketing software products and services. Madhu has an MBA from Wharton School of Business and Bachelors in Computer Science from NIT, Kurukshetra. In between working, playing with kids, driving them to school/activities, helping kids with homework, or helping with household stuff, he loves spending time in the gym or tinkering with product ideas!

Wilker is the co-founder of TopSchool. He plays a leading role in the product strategy and direction for TopSchool. An avid technologist, he loves creating products that enhance and make lives easier. Wilker earned a degree in Computer Science from Mumbai University and went on to finish his MBA at Duke, Fuqua School of Business. After many years of living on the East Coast, Wilker moved to the west coast, primarily to be part of the cutting edge talent, technology and the entrepreneurial spirit of the west. He has held many engineering positions at other organizations before co-founding TopSchool.

Lini is the co-founder of TopSchool. She is a proud mom of two kids that go to the public school system in the bay area. She plays a key role in giving innovative and creative ideas to constantly improve the features in Topschool, so as to enhance the best user experience for fellow parents. Lini has received her Masters degree in Computer Applications and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from Bharathidasan University. Besides spending time with family, she loves watching movies, gardening and cultivating an organic nursery in her backyard. In her spare time, she enjoys sharing information/ideas with other parents and help mentor other kids during her daughter’s study dates.